FAQ’s for Patio Covers

Here are some common questions about our patio covers. We hope they answer some if not all of your questions. If you do not see your question listed, feel free to call our office at 866-955-7284.

1) What is WeatherwoodTM and AlumawoodTM?

WeatherwoodTM is high quality patio cover that offers either a Open Roof or Solid roof design. Each patio cover is manufactured to the highest building standards. WeatherwoodTM offers a cedar embossingthat looks like wood without the care and maintenance required by wood framed structures. AlumawoodTM is an alternative product offering the same wood grain texture as WeatherwoodTM. Each of these products are identical in shape and size without the care and maintenance of other styles of patio covers.

2) How do I receive a Free Quote from PatioCrew.com?

You can receive your quote by email or in person. If you "Request a Quote" by email it will be processed and delivered to the email address you provided. If you want to set an appointment, call our office at 866-955-7284.

3) What will my quote include?

Your quote will include ALL materials to complete the patio cover installation. If you want PatioCrew.com to install your patio cover then your quote would include all labor to complete the installation. Installations by PatioCrew.com are only available in California.

4) How soon can I have my patio cover shipped to me or installed?

If you order a KIT (materials only) your materials will ship within three days of our office receiving your order. If have PatioCrew.com install your patio cover then installation would take place within 3-5 days of our office receiving your order.

5) Do I need Building Permits?

All cities require Building Permits when the patio cover is attached to the main dwelling (Home). However, some cities have a less than minimum requirement meaning if the patio cover is less than 100 sq ft they may not require a building permit. You should check with your local Building and Safety Department to inquire about when a building permit is necessary. When it comes to free standing patio covers some building departments do not require permits. All information can be obtained from your local city agency.

6) How are Building Permits processed?

When you apply for a building permit you there are two departments you must gain approval from. The first is the Planning Department and later the Structural Department. The Planning Department dealswith the size and location of your patio cover in relation to your property lines. The Structural Department deals with how the patio cover is assembled and connected to the ground and your home. It is important to know that if the Planning Department does not approve the size and location of the patio cover you will not receive a building permit.

7) Will a Building Permit effect my property taxes?

Yes, your property taxes will be effected if you obtain a permit. It is also important to remember the tax accessor may NOT increase your property taxes if the size or valuation (price) of your patio cover does not warrant an increase. The building department reports all building permits to the tax assessor after the final inspection. Not having a final inspection does not stop the property taxes from being applied.

8) How long is the material warranty?

The warranty is Lifetime. All other patio cover manufacturers have Limited Lifetime Warranties that cover the materials from chipping, pealing and fading. However, they do not cover dent scratches or other areas of damage.

9) How long is my Labor Warranty?

Your labor warranty covers the installation of your patio cover for as long as you own our product. Laborwarranties only cover patio covers installed by PatioCrew.com.

10) Will I ever have to paint my patio cover?

No, you will not have to paint your patio cover again. However, you may not apply any paint to the surface since you would void the manufacturers warranties.


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