Manufacturer Warranties Are One of The Most important Warranties You Will Have to Consider When Making A Patio Cover Investment.

There are two types of manufacturer warranties on the market the first is Limited Lifetime Warranty and Full Lifetime Warranty.Limited Lifetime Warranties are warranties that will at some point take something away during the warranty period. This is the case with the AlumawoodTM product or brand name. AlumawoodTM Warranty reduces 50% on the 16 year to equal the wholesale purchase price at the time the product was originally purchased. This poses a dilemma for consumers, since they purchase the product at retail prices and are not provided the cost of the materials when their patio cover is installed. Who is to say what the cost of the materials are 16 years ago or even 20 years after the product is installed? Full Lifetime Warranties or Lifetime Warranties are warranties that cover most if not all of the product during its lifetime. However, like Limited Lifetime warranties they will have exclusions such faulty or improper installation will void the warranty. You should read and understand either warranty and know what you are investing into. Compare Labor Periods between manufacturers to see at what point they will start and stop paying for any labor that might be incurred to repair or replace a product. Each manufacturer imposes limits on when they will pay for labor charges. These limits vary and can be excluded from any warranty claim if the material is improperly installed by your contractor.

Compare Pro-Rated Down Warranties and Transferability of Warranties are when manufacturers try to limit their exposure to pay for warranty damage or loss. AlumawoodTM Warranty at 16 years out drops to 50% of the wholesale at the time you purchased the product. This poses a dilemma for consumers since no one will know, but the manufacturer, what the cost of the materials where 16 years ago. Lets say you have a warranty claim 20 years after the product was installed. Lets also say the product wholesale cost 20 years ago was $100 dollars. AlumawoodTM would credit you 50% of the wholesale cost not including sales tax. Remember the wholesale was $100 - 50% = $50. AlumawoodTM raises wholesale prices 10% about every 2 years. The $100 part after all the price increases over 20 years now costs $259.37. Once you apply the $50 credit you end up paying $209.37 plus sales tax. So, where is the benefit? ElitewoodTM Warranty is still a Limited Lifetime Warranty but offers slightly more benefits over AlumawoodTM. ElitewoodTM warrants they will pay for all labor charges for the first 10 years but will not pay for shipping charges. During the next 20 years ElitewoodTM will NOT pay for any labor or shipping charges. However, ElitewoodTM may chalk at a measured rate over a time. Chalking of paint can diminish the value of the product. Making it less value to anyone who you may want to transfer the warranty or product to.

Federal and State Building Code Approvals are required by each product sold on the market place. All manufacturers have to submit their products to either ICC (International Code Council) or I.A.P.M.O. (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials). Each of these organizations tests products that will be sold or used in the construction industry. The building department does not design or perform engineering calculations that will approve or disapprove a project. The building department only checks the engineering for building projects. Producing engineering for a patio cover project is a time consuming process both in calculations and design to help with the process, manufacturers can submit their engineering to independent firms for pre-approval. In an effort to speed up the permit process manufacturers submit their products for testing and review by either ICC or IAPMO. Either of these organizations issue a ER (Engineering Report) or RR (Research Report) number. Building departments accept these reports as valid and will not have to go over the plan check in detail like they would had the reports been not available. Some cities and counties may only accept both or just type of pre-approved plan


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